About Us

Just Who Do We Think Are? 

Some time ago, we, the folks over at Larksong Entertainment, began watching with keen interest how the hobby of 3D printing was, literally and figuratively, changing the landscape of tabletop gaming. 

We've watched as FDM and SLA technologies have matured to hit a sweet spot of affordability and accessibility that makes high quality additive manufacturing relatively easy to get into for the casual enthusiast. 

Meanwhile, a number of affordable (even free) digital modeling/sculpting applications are available, backed by vibrant, active communities churning out a vast wealth of learning resources, almost in real time as the technologies that drive them continue to evolve and improve. 

The convergence of these developments has given rise to a special kind of democratization of the tabletop miniature scene, where gamers are no longer beholden entirely to the traditional gatekeepers and supply chains of the gaming industry. The talent and creativity of a global digital sculpting community is available anywhere, to anyone that has access to the internet and a 3D printer that often costs about as much as your average home office desktop inkjet. It’s amazing, and it’s something we are excited to be a part of! 

a hand touching a 3d printed hand
A poignant piece of stock photography for your viewing enjoyment.

And so here we are.

LambdaFive is our line of miniatures, terrain, gaming aids, and misc. bits and bobs that target the tabletop gaming scene at large; Gamers making things for the games we want to play. We hope our creations add to your enjoyment of the games you want to play, too!