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Hugo's Hot Dogs - Deluxe Detailed Interior

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The slightly embiggened version of Hugo's Hot Dogs with a fully fleshed out interior that is as faithful to the source material as possible, as seen in our recent Kickstarter campaign! This set includes all the components necessary to build out the entire ground floor restaurant and upstairs apartment.

Features include:
  • Includes over 91 detail models, most of which include variants optimized for both SLA and FDM printing where possible. All SLA models come with pre-supported versions

  • Structural components that require long bridging include optional custom supports that can be easily snapped off to ensure clean, perfect prints.
  • All interior and exterior doors are fully functional.

  • Internal walls are printed separately for ease of painting.

  • Included are instructions for room-by-room assembly and detailing.
Larger components include versions that can be printed in parts for smaller format printers (220mm x 220m)

Include a storefront sign for Hugo's Hot Dogs, as well as a blank sign for you to customize as you wish.