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Hugo's Hot Dogs - KS Bundle

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All the deliverables from the Hugo's Hot Dogs Kickstarter campaign!
  • Base Building that is faithful to the exterior proportions seen in the show
  • The embiggened Interior Detail version with a fully fleshed out interior
  • Volare Wagon
  • Toon'd up Volare Wagon
  • Candy Cane Truck
  • Over 100 detail models, most of which include variants optimized for both SLA and FDM printing where possible. All SLA models come with pre-supported versions

  • Structural components that require long bridging include optional custom supports that can be easily snapped off to ensure clean, perfect prints.
  • All interior and exterior doors are fully functional.

  • Internal walls are printed separately for ease of painting.

  • Included are instructions for room-by-room assembly and detailing.
Larger components include versions that can be printed in parts for smaller format printers (220mm x 220m)

Include a storefront sign for Hugo's Hot Dogs, as well as a blank sign for you to customize as you wish.